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The Sunshine List is all breadth and no depth

Published Apr. 1, 2015, in the Waterloo Region Record.

Did you know that the Region of Waterloo's chief administrative officer, Michael Murray, made $263,355.12 last year?

We know this thanks to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure — more commonly known as the Sunshine List — which provides a yearly financial picture of the province's highest public sector earners.

Uber decision may be out of region's hands

Published Jan. 28, 2015, in the Waterloo Region Record.

Uber, the popular "ride-sharing" smartphone application, wants to come to Waterloo Region.

The San Francisco-based company has created a business model that effectively shirks municipal taxi regulations and connects passengers and drivers through mobile devices.

Polls and Leadership Races

The media loves a good leadership race. Why shouldn’t they? They’re exciting. While we’ve mostly moved away from delegated conventions that could last well into the evening and camps of engaged party members moved with candidates across the convention floor, shifting party dynamics and tense inter-party divisions are found in every race and capture the public’s attention.