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Scotland Independence and Implications for Quebec's Sovereignty Movement

Some notable Quebec sovereignists are making their way to Scotland to observe the Sept. 18 vote with the hope that a victory for the independence movement there will provide pointers on a repeat performance in a future Quebec referendum. While sovereignists may derive some inspiration from their Scottish counterparts, the real lessons might begin Sept. 19.

Political Action and Political Consequences: Are they Linked?

Christopher Alcantara raised a very important question, and an empirical one! Do group op-eds have an effect on political outcomes? The question is framed within the fields of public opinion and public policy. On the one hand, he is correct. Public opinion is not easily swayed by such communications.

Conservative supporters are most open to Quebec secession

Published Feb. 26, 2014, in the Toronto Star.

As Quebec raises the volume on talk of another referendum on sovereignty, now is a good time to look at how the rest of Canada might respond to the revival of this possible constitutional conflict. Is there a willingness to fight for a unified Canada, or has that appetite faded with Canadians more prepared to see Quebec go?