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Will Waterloo Region remain a federal bellwether?

Published Oct. 16, 2015, in The Waterloo Region Record.

WATERLOO REGION — As goes Waterloo Region, so goes the rest of Ontario.

Pollsters and politicians have been paying close attention to the mood of voters in Waterloo Region's five ridings for weeks, knowing the region's track record as a key bellwether area in provincial and federal elections.

Will Gagnier’s resignation hurt the Liberals?

Published on Oct. 15, 2015 on Global News.

Liberal campaign co-chair Dan Gagnier resigned this week after giving advice to TransCanada on how to lobby a future – possibly Liberal – government on oil and energy policy.

In a press conference Thursday, party leader Justin Trudeau said Gagnier’s actions were inappropriate and he supports the resignation.

From revelation to resignation, the scandal lasted about seven hours.