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APSA's Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award for Negotiating the Deal!

Dear Canadian Politics Section members,
I have received the report of this year's S. M. Lipset Book Award committee, and am delighted to share its decision with you. This year's committee was chaired by Professor James McCormick, Iowa State University. His colleagues on the committee were:

Does incumbency, salary, and district magnitude affect the decision and ability of women and visible minorities to win municipal office?

That's the research question of a new paper that Zac Spicer, Michael McGregor, and I have published in the latest issue of Electoral Studies.  

Indigenous Research and Academic Freedom: A View from Political Scientists

Should all political science research with Indigenous communities and on Indigenous topics involve formal research partnerships? The push from ethics boards, granting agencies, and the literature is for the answer to be yes.

Women and Ethnic Minority Candidates in Municipal Elections: Some evidence from the 2014 Ontario Municipal Elections

Zac Spicer, Michael McGregor, and I have a new paper forthcoming from Electoral Studies. You can find the paper here or at

Doing Research: What's the Point?

As academics, we spend long hours coming up with research questions, developing theoretical frameworks, collecting and analyzing data, and then publishing our results in academic journals or books. The process can take a long time, depending on the project and choice of publication.  Once our results are published, however, it seems like they rarely have an effect. Very few people can access the journal articles unless they are a student or faculty member at university. There is so much research being pumped out these days that's it's hard to be noticed.