Canadian Policy

Devolution and Territorial Goverance

Does devolution produce positive outcomes for territorial governments and residents? I examine this question with a former graduate student, Steven Kennedy, and a former civil servant in the Yukon Territorial Government, Whitehorse city councillor Kirk Cameron.

This article is free to the public (open access) and can be found here. Below is the abstract.

Engaging the Canadian State: Aboriginal Groups Have Four Options

Generally speaking, First Nations have four options when they choose to engage the Canadian state.  They can negotiate with the Crown to secure their rights and interests, but often the negotiating costs are high, as I argue here in my forthcoming book, or they produce results that are mixed, as political theorist Glen Coulthard argues here, or political scientist Martin Papillon argues

The Flipped Classroom and University Education: A New Model for Teaching University Classes?

This year, I'm teaching a first year seminar (enrollment is 22 first year students) on "Understanding Power and Conflict Through Film: Making Sense of the Politics of the 21st Century." The idea for this course is to introduce students to some of the main conceptual tools that political scientists use to make sense of the world. My hope is that by the end of the course, the students will be able to apply political science concepts to any political situation they encounter in the news, etc.