Federal Politics

The K-W By-Election: First Minister Power and Discretion at Their Worst?

On Thursday September 6, Kitchener-Waterloo residents will go to the polls in a by-election to replace long-time Progressive Conservative MPP, Elizabeth Witmer.  Earlier in the year, Ms. Witmer resigned her seat in the Ontario Legislative Assembly to become chair of the Ontario Workplace Safety Insurance Board, a position offered to her by current Ontario Premier and Liberal leader, Dalton McGuinty.

Quebec Sovereignty: Coming Soon?

Quebec’s general election next week is likely to return the Parti Québécois. The last time the PQ moved from opposition to government, they launched a referendum that nearly broke the country apart. Some are comforted by the fact that the Oui forces in 1995 were led by the charismatic Lucien Bouchard, and if he couldn’t do it, then there is nothing to worry about the far less magnetic Pauline Marois, right? Let’s discuss what might be a very real possibility of Quebec separating from Canada.