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It’s time to put the ‘Senate Scandal’ behind us

A few questions. Would it not be the appropriate, and decent, thing for the Right Honourable Member for Calgary Heritage – that would be Stephen Harper – to offer an apology to the Honourable Senator  from Cavendish, P.E.I.? That would be Mike Duffy. Let’s make it a profuse apology.

Seniority is a lousy way to hire teachers

As we move into teacher hiring season, it’s time for Ontario policymakers to take a hard look at Regulation 274, which makes seniority the ruling principle in hiring.

Imagine, for a minute, that you’re a recent university graduate and you get a job as a bank teller in Toronto. Over the next 10 years, you work hard at the bank and earn local, provincial and even national recognition for your work. Customers love you, co-workers look up to you, and supervisors praise your contributions to the branch.

Ranked balloting: Wilfrid Laurier University prof Barry Kay explains the good, the bad and the different

A switch to ranked balloting at the municipal or federal levels could mean the way you vote will change in upcoming elections.

Ontario has introduced changes to the Municipal Elections Act that would allow municipalities the option to use ranked ballots starting in 2018 – a change that could help voters feel like their opinions are being heard, said political scientist Barry Kay.

Tom Mulcair's biggest weakness also his greatest strength: bringing NDP to the centre

Tom Mulcair's political legacy will be as a strong orator, a champion for the environment and a chief architect of the orange wave that brought the party to historic heights in Quebec.

But he will also be remembered as the man who presided over a failed campaign that dragged the NDP from its first Official Opposition status back to a disappointing third-place finish.