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Trump in Time: The Resurgence of Reconstructive Leadership

It may make sense taking a look back at history as we are trying to understand what has been happening south of the border over the last months. Ever since Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy in June 2015, most observers where hit by surprise as the campaign unfolded through a series of events that culminated in the electoral outcome of November 8. If viewed through a broader historical lens, however, these developments are surprisingly consistent with a deeper pattern of presidential politics. 

Why Trump the President might actually be very different from Trump the Candidate

Take a deep breath. The world is not going to end on inauguration day.
There is no question that Donald Trump’s victory was jarring, shocking, and even disturbing. Despite the conciliatory messages offered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, commentators and citizens and Canada are freaking out. 

There are no safe spaces with Donald Trump

Here's the op ed that I wrote and which appeared in the National Post earlier this week.  For some reason, the paper didn't post it online but it did run in the hard copy of the paper. I have been getting a number of emails asking why it isn't online so here is the best I can do! Enjoy.