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Game Theory and Child Rearing

This morning, my two oldest kids were fighting over these dollar store, lightning mcqueen, checkers chips.  First, I tried to let them sort it out themselves, with predictable results (fighting, tears, and me in a fetal "ball").  Then, I imposed the power of the state by removing the chips from play completely, leaving the children with no chips (and more tears!).

The Flipped Classroom and Intro to Canadian Government and Politics: The First Day

Today was the first day of my 2nd year intro to Canadian government and politics class.  You can find the syllabus here.

As I blogged about previously, this year I will be using software to obtain instant feedback during class on whether students are learning the concepts and the materials that I am presenting to them.  I'm also using the software to facilitate discussion and teaching among the students themselves during lectures.

Indifference in the face of atrocity

Published Sep. 7, 2013, in The Waterloo Region Record

Some 30 years ago in the midst of the Iran-Iraq War, when former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger was asked who he supported, his answer was "both sides."

It was perhaps an unnecessarily lighthearted response to a serious matter, but it's one that might draw a comparison by some to the current Syrian civil war.