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"The little budget secret that everyone in higher education tries to hide..."

That's the first line in a recent blog post entitled "Rise Through the Ranks (RTR)" from Higher Education Strategy Associates.

According to the author, RTR is "the name given to the automatic raise professors and librarians get every year, simply based on seniority." The author goes on to argue that RTR is problematic given the looming budget crunch that universities face or will be facing in the coming years.

One of the Best Op-Eds I've Read in a Long Time

Published a couple of days ago in the New York Times, this op-ed is pretty powerful compared to the usual stuff that appears on op ed pages.

I was one of the few that predicted that this bill would go through.  It was a very reasonable compromise that should have made it through, but:

Pathways to Prosperity for Canada's territories

The magazine, Northern Public Affairs, has published a special issue on devolution and economic development in the NWT.  You can download this free special issue here.
Lots of good stuff in here from some of the main commentators on territorial and Aboriginal politics including Hayden King, Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, and Steve Kakfwi, among others.