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Genes, Politics, and Epigenetics: Wonderfully Messy Complexity

Following on Chris's theme of genes and politics, I want to remark on a contrast in his post between the approaches political scientists have adopted from behavioural and population genetics, on the one hand, and findings on the health benefits of vitamin D, on the other.

University's Not Meant to be Easy

That is the headline of a recent op-ed by Margaret Wente in the Globe and Mail.

I rarely agree with Wente's columns, (although I do appreciate the need for her perspective to spark debate and dialogue in society), but her most recent column on rising stress levels among university students contained a lot of arguments that I agreed with.

Universities and the Rise of Mental Health Issues

Recently, there's been a barrage of news reports about the growing number of university students experiencing severe levels of stress and mental anxiety.  This has sparked an important and much needed debate about how universities should address these issues, including one university, Queen's University, creating a task force to study the subject.