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PhD, Jeffrey Simpson, and other things I learned from the Donner Dinner

Last night my wife and I attended the annual Donner Prize Dinner for the best book pubilshed that year on Canadian public policy.  My co-authored book with Tom Flanagan and Andre Le Dressay was shortlisted many years ago and ever since, we've been invited to the dinner.

It's actually a pretty fun event. Great appetizers.  Excellent dinners.  An an open bar.  Usually interesting dinner mates (this time we were seated with Carolyn Tuohy, Chad Gadfield, and my most excellent colleague, Andy Sancton).  Talk about an academics' dream (we dream small)!

Laurier's Next President, and the Idea of the University


Laurier is searching for a new president.

There's an online survey we can take, provided by the HR consulting firm Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette, that asks (among other things) what "must have" qualities a president should have, and whether we have any ideas for potential candidates?