Provincial Politics

Christopher Cochrane in Postmedia News: Thoughts on the Federal By-Elections

Published Oct. 20, 2013 in Postmedia News

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced four federal by-elections taking place in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec on November 25. What does this mean for the Liberal Party and New Democratic Party, both of which are under new leaders? Dr. Cochrane shares this thoughts in this article.

Let’s bring Ottawa’s political staffers out of the shadows with a code of conduct

Published Oct. 28, 2013, in The Globe and Mail.

A number of recent government controversies have highlighted the role of the “political staffer,” such as the current Senate scandal, the gas plant cancellations in Ontario, the B.C. Liberals’ “ethnic outreach strategy,” and various interferences in freedom of information requests.

Indigenous-Crown Relations: Two Contrasting Pictures

For the last week or so, Indigenous groups in New Brunswick have been engaged in a violent confrontation with police and others to prevent shale exploration on their traditional lands.  Images of confrontation, weapons, and burning cars have filled the airwaves.

Contrast these images and storylines with the Inuit's experience with non-Indigenous peoples and governments in northern Canada.