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Several months ago, I wrote an op ed in the Toronto Star questioning the logic of regulation 274, which privileges seniority within boards as the primary principle for hiring teachers.

I received quite a bit of feedback on the piece but none have yet to convince me that regulation 274 makes sense.  If you want to protect seniority, ok, that's fine.  In that case, shouldn't seniority be recognized across the province and not stop at the borders of individual school boards?

But even the seniority principle makes no sense.  It is basically a heuristic: seniority = experience.  Even if we accept that seniority = experience, it doesn't tell us anything the quality of that experience, especially in a job where removing an employee based on poor (but not illegal) performance is next to impossible.  

In any event, part of the reason why I'm interested in this topic is because my wife is a teacher. Full disclosure! And we have an interest in seeing reg. 274 change or go away to allow everyone to compete for the job rather than limiting job positions to the top five candidates in terms of when they were hired by the board.

My wife has started a petition.  Check it out (or not!) by clicking here. 

You may ask, why did she not start an official petition? Well, although the federal government has moved towards e-petitions, the Ontario government has not!  They still use the old fashion, paper and pen, system because they have security concerns.  Fair enough. But maybe they should, you know, talk to the feds who are already using e-petitions? Just a thought.