Opinion-Policy Nexus

Several years ago, I wrote an op ed piece in The Record (see the lispop post here) that suggested Bitcoin-like technology could be a powerful tool for advancing Indigenous self-determination and self-government in Canada.  

Earlier this year, I co-authored a piece with Dr. Caroline Dick (UWO Political Science) that explores the ideas in that op ed in much more depth.  That paper was recently published in the Canadian Journal of Law and Society and is called "Decolonization in a Digital Age: Cryptocurrencies and Indigenous Self-Determination in Canada" April 2017 (32) 1: 19-35.  This interdisciplinary paper "explores the extent to which digital currencies, such as Bitcoin or MazaCoin, might be used to facilitate Indigenous self-determination, political autonomy, and economic prosperity. Based on our review of the literature, we argue that cryptocurrencies demonstrate some potential for advancing these goals but that there are a number of potential roadblocks as well. Future research should investigate how Indigenous communities might use digital currencies and other related technologies to further their political, economic, and social goals."

Check it out!