senate reform

"Justin Trudeau Removes Senators from Liberal Caucus"

So reads the headline of a CBC news report on Trudeau's "stunning" decision to remove Liberal Senators from his caucus.

As a political strategy, the move has both its costs and benefits. As a colleague of mine recently pointed out, the decision keeps the Senate on the political agenda, which has been a problematic file for the Harper government. On the other hand, Trudeau has seriously ticked off a large portion of the Liberal Party elite!

Canada losing a senator of principle

Published Dec. 16, 2013, in The Waterloo Region Record.

The resignation of Conservative Sen. Hugh Segal to become the new master of Massey College in Toronto in June is great news for the college and gloomy news for the Senate. But it is probably welcome news for the Prime Minister's Office, which could not figure out what to do with a senator — and a Tory to boot — whom it could not bend to its will.