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It’s probably too late to stop Trump

With Donald Trump's continued strong performance in Republican primaries on Super Tuesday, many in the party are now in full panic.

What seemed unimaginable a few short months ago — a Trump victory for the party's presidential nomination — has now moved to the status of probable. In the wake of that observation, many are now flailing about in the hope of pulling some rabbit out of a hat, to derail what appears to be increasingly inevitable.

Super Tuesday could be day of ‘fear and loathing’ for GOP

Tomorrow is “Super Tuesday,” the important date in the 2016 American political primary season.

With 13 states and one territory (American Samoa) up for grabs, about one-third of the Democratic party’s voting delegates will be won or lost tomorrow and roughly one-half of the Republicans’.

Byelection loss sinks Wynne’s plan to gain some momentum

The outcome of last week’s byelection in the provincial riding of Whitby-Oshawa delivers at least three warnings for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario’s Liberal premier, Kathleen Wynne.

The byelection was called to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of the popular Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Elliott, widow of former federal finance minister Jim Flaherty. Elliott quit after she was defeated for the Ontario PC leadership by Patrick Brown, a right-wing Conservative member of Parliament.

Policy is only part of the Tory problem

"I think we need to talk about the things we stand for, not so much the things we stand against."

— Rona Ambrose, interim federal Conservative leader

Ambrose is no dummy. She knows the Conservative party faces an identity crisis. She knows the party will not regain power simply by opposing most everything on the agenda of the Trudeau Liberals.