External Data Sources

The list links users to key sources of public opinion data

  • American Research Group, Inc. 
    Reports: Yes - Raw Data: No
    Results from the June 2001 Quarterly New Hampshire Poll, including US Senate Match-ups between Jeanne Shaheen and Bob Smith and Shaheen and John Sununu, are now available at the New Hampshire Poll. Things still look good at home, but consumers think the national economy will get worse before it gets better. Also, high gasoline prices have an impact on George W. Bush's job rating.

  • Canadian Opinion Research Archive 
    Reports: Yes - Raw Data: Yes
    Hosts the Canadian Election Studies among other research..

  • Canadian Federal Election Polls-1997 (University of British Columbia) 
    Raw Data: No, only percentages 
    A series of findings by different organizations on the 1997 Canadian Federal election

  • Carleton University Data Centre 
    Reports: Yes - Raw Data: Yes
    The 1997 and 2000 Canadian Election Studies (CES) are a research project undertaken by researchers from three Canadian universities (Montreal, McGill, and Toronto). The study is based primarily on a large survey of Canadian voters. The main goal of the research project is to explain why voters vote the way they do and why some parties are more successful than others.

  • Center For Political Studies And Public Opinion Research Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, Yugoslavia 
    Reports: No (w/ graphs) - Raw Data: No
    Center for Political Studies and Public Opinion Research is an autonomous unit within the Institute of Social Sciences. It was established in 1963 as the first public opinion research organization in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. It operates on both non-profit (University funds) and profit basis (contracts with government agencies, political and civic organizations, media, public and private corporations). Center has been doing systematic public opinion surveys for more than 30 years. Research results have been published in scientific journals and books, presented at a number of national and international conferences, and widely quoted in domestic and foreign press. The basic goal of the Center and its major achievement has been independent research work and maintenance of high professional standards.

  • The Center for Public Interest Polling 
    Reports: Yes - Raw Data: No (w/ questions and percentages) 
    The Center for Public Interest Polling. The Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll is a quarterly statewide survey of the New Jersey public on matters of political and social interest.

  • The Center for Strategic Studies 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: No (w/ results for Jordan) 
    The Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) was established in 1984 as an academic unit of the University of Jordan concerned mainly with research in the fields of regional conflicts, international relations and security. As a result of the country's democratization process that started in 1989, however, the center has expanded its scope of activities to include planning and research in such new fields as democracy, political pluralism, development, the economy and the environment. Over the past few years, the CSS has organized numerous conferences, seminars and workshops. In addition it has also conducted several opinion polls aimed at providing researchers and decision-makers with material and data that would have been unavailable through other means. (University of Jordan).

  • Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)
    CESSDA provides links to several major social science data centres around the world. It also has a search catalog for these archives.

  • The Data Library Service at the University of Toronto 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Governmental statistics
    The Data Library Service (DLS) at the University of Toronto was established by the University of Toronto Library and Computing Services (UTCS) in 1988. It is now wholly maintained by the Library, and is a part of the Data, Map, and Government Information Services (DMGIS). It supports empirical research and teaching activities of University of Toronto faculty, students and staff by collecting, managing, and making available research data in computer-readable form.

  • Europa- European Public Opinion 
    Reports: Yes (pdf) - Raw Data: Some (pdf)

  • The Indiana University Public Opinion Laboratory 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Provide some, along with questionnaires and methodology 
    The Indiana University Public Opinion Laboratory is an interdisciplinary survey research center that provides services to a wide variety of private, non-profit and governmental organizations. We also conduct research for faculty members, students and various university departments. The majority of the research conducted by the Public Opinion Laboratory is applied work in the fields of public opinion, marketing, health care and customer satisfaction (Indiana University)

  • Institute for Policy Research 
    Reports: Yes
    Raw Data: No
    , have questions and percentages (has a nice breakdown of demographics) Reports, data, and press releases- Ohio Poll

  • The Institute for Public Opinion Research 
    Reports: Yes (short descriptions) - Raw Data: Yes (frequencies and distributions 
    The Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) is the survey research center of Florida International University. U.S. issues are dealt with, using Florida samples.

  • The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes (restricted)
    The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), established in 1962, is an integral part of the infrastructure of social science research. ICPSR maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction, and offers training in quantitative methods to facilitate effective data use. To ensure that data resources are available to future generations of scholars, ICPSR preserves data, migrating them to new storage media as changes in technology warrant. In addition, ICPSR provides user support to assist researchers in identifying relevant data for analysis and in conducting their research projects.

  • The Lijphart Elections Archive 
    Report: No - Raw Data: Yes (minimal) 
    The Lijphart Elections Archive, housed at the University of California, San Diego campus, is a research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries. The objective of the Archive is to systematically collect election statistics in as much detail as possible, including, as a minimum, the results at the level of the individual election districts in which votes are converted into seats. The archive originally acquired print copies of the data and is now focusing on online data. The catalog of holdings details archive holdings of both print and online data as well as access to data when it can be freely disseminated. In addition the catalog links to other sources of online election data and information that can be found on the internet (University of California, San Diego).

  • The Marist Institute for Public Opinion 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: No 
    Founded in 1978, the Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO) is a survey research center at Marist College. MIPO provides educational opportunities for students and information on elections, policy, and popular issues for the public. MIPO regularly measures public opinion across the nation, in New York State and New York City. The Marist Institute for Public Opinion is used as a source by print and broadcast media organizations throughout the country. MIPO is directed by Dr. Lee M. Miringoff and Dr. Barbara L. Carvalho. Marist students are given a front row seat to the political process through polling, internships, conferences, seminars, and coursework.

  • Ipsos MORI (Market & Opinion Research International) 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: No, but have questions and percentages dealing with Britain.

  • The National Elections Studies 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes
    The mission of the National Election Studies (NES) is to produce high quality data on voting, public opinion, and political participation that serve the research needs of social scientists, teachers, students, policy makers and journalists concerned with the theoretical and empirical foundations of mass politics in a democratic society. Central to this mission is the active involvement of the NES research community in all phases of the project from study planning through data analysis (University of Michigan)

  • The National Network of State Polls 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes (restricted)
    The National Network of State Polls (NNSP) is a confederation of organizations that conduct state-level surveys. Membership is diverse, consisting of more than 50 members from 39 states. The institutions that make up the network range from private research firms to large universities. Some members do only occasional state polling; others do several state surveys per year. The Institute for Research in Social Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, serves as the NNSP headquarters (University of North Carolina).

  • Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services 
    Reports: Yes (pdf) - Raw Data: Yes (pdf)
    Steinmetz Archive holds a large collection of datasets in the social sciences, to make that collection available for secondary analysis. NIWI, the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services, is an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (a databank full of Scandinavian reports and some raw data).

  • The New Zealand Social Research Data Archives 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes (must order, fee charged)
    The New Zealand Social Research Data Archives (NZSRDA) located in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Massey University was established in 1992. Its purpose is to collect, clean, document and preserve computer-readable data relating to social, political and economic affairs and to make that data available for further research and analysis.

  • The PEW Research Center for the People and the Press 
    Reports: Yes (w/ questions and percentages) - Raw Data: Yes, must fill out an application

  • Odum Institute 
    Reports: Maintains a poll question data base - Raw Data: No

  • Polling Report 
    Reports: Maintains a detailed collection of polls released by different U.S. organizations - Raw Data: No

  • Public Agenda 
    Reports: Yes, also maintains a collection of polls released by different U.S. organizations - Raw Data: No

  • Public Opinion Archive (Queen’s University- Access limited) 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes 
    Questions and data on archived polls produced by Decima and Environics (must request for password for access to data, not questions)

  • Quinnipiac University Polling Institute 
    Reports: Yes -Raw Data: No, just gives you questions and percentages for Northeastern states

  • Russia Votes 
    Reports: Numerous findings on Russian public opinion, little analysis - Raw Data: No
    This web site focuses on what the Russian electorate is thinking before and after the third round of elections. This website gives the latest VCIOM public opinion polls of the Russian population from Murmansk to Vladivostok and trend results too. (How VCIOM conducts its surveys) and explains how the complex Russian election system distributes seats in the Duma, and elects a president.

  • The Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey 
    Reports: Has links to specific US states and national findings - Raw Data: No 
    In the survey, we look at how connected we are to family, friends, neighbors and civic institutions on a local and national level. These connections - our Social Capital - are the glue that hold us together and enable us to build bridges to others. This project will assist residents in each of our local communities as they work to build stronger communities and strengthen community bonds.

  • The Social Science Data Archives (Australia) 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes (fee included for retrieval), some free access under OASISS 
    The Social Science Data Archives (SSDA), located in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University, was set up in 1981 with a brief to collect and preserve computer-readable data relating to social, political and economic affairs and to make the data available for further analysis (The Australian National University)

  • Social Science Data Collection 
    Reports: No
    Raw Data: Yes, type in key word, will get codebook for question and frequencies California Poll- Use the search engine at this UCSD site to locate California Poll findings

  • Social Sciences & Humanities Library: Social Science Data Collection 
    Report: No - Raw Data: Yes (but restricted), has many database links
    Social Science Data Collection- The Data Services Unit of the Library of the University of California, San Diego help users identify numeric data computer readable formats; Acquire data for the library's collections; Provide a common user-interface to these datafiles and their documentation. Our mission is to provide easy access to raw numeric data, allowing each user to identify, locate, and obtain the data needed as quickly as possible for the computing environment of his or her choice (University of California, San Diego)

  • The South African Data Archive 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes (must order, but free)
    The South African Data Archive (SADA) serves as a broker between a range of data providers (e.g. statistical agencies, government departments, opinion and market research companies and academic institutions) and the research community. The archive does not only preserve data for future use, but also adds value to the collections. It safeguards datasets and related documentation and attempts to make it as easily accessible as possible for research and educational purposes

  • Survey Documentation and Analysis 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes
    Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science Public Opinion Poll Question Database (University of North Carolina)- Survey documentation and Analysis

  • Tarki Social Research Centre Inc. 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes
    Empirical surveys conducted in the past one and a half decades, concerned mainly with the overall processes of the transformation of Hungarian society, has established TÁRKI’s well-founded reputation and have led to the establishment of a professionally unique, accessible database.

  • UC Data: Data Archive & Technical Assistance 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes (some restrictions)
    UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance is UC Berkeley's principal archive of computerized social science and health statistics information. Our holdings are primarily machine readable datasets, although many of our materials, such as codebooks or census reports, are available for browsing at our offices at 2538 Channing Way in Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

  • UK Data Archive 
    Reports: No - Raw Data: Yes, must register for password
    The UK Data Archive is a specialist national resource containing the largest collection of accessible computer readable data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom. Through these web pages it is also possible to search the catalogues of other national archives for computer readable data and to use the services of the UK Data Archive to acquire these data on your behalf.

  • U.S. Census Bureau 
    Reports: Yes (cost money) - Raw Data: N/A