National Angus Reid Poll (1992)


National Angus Reid Polls Polls, from 1990-1995, measure the opinions of Canadians on topics such as politics and current events

January 1992 [Canada] delves further into Aboriginals and health care. Other topics include doctor consultation, environment, financial services, and banking institutions.

February 1992 [Canada] delves further into food consumption. Other topics include Canada's views on agriculture and food in British Columbia.

March 1992 [Canada] delves further into Quebec, roads and streets, and Sunday shopping.

May 1992 [Canada] delves further into racism, waste management, research, trade, private security, travellers cheques, allergies, and banking and ABMs.

June 1992 [Canada] delves further into advance planning, innocent accident victims, British Columbia, and diamonds.

July 1992 [Canada] focuses on the environment, the economy, the NHL, and the Bosnia conflict. There were 1502 respondents recorded.

August 1992 [Canada] focuses on social programs, travel, television, and savings and mortgages. There were 1501 respondents recorded.

September 1992 [Canada] focuses on the Constitution and the Canadian economy. There were 1951 respondents.

October 1992 [Canada] focuses on the Charlottetown agreement, the economy, use of force, credit cards, electric and magnetic fields, energy, and new vehicles.

November 1992 [Canada] focuses on the international space university, Canadian universities, and television. There were 2987 recorded respondents.