National Angus Reid Poll (1994)


National Angus Reid Polls Polls, from 1990-1995, measure the opinions of Canadians on topics such as politics and current events. 

March 1994 [Canada] delves further into Quebec, job anxiety, and Canada's economic outlook. Additional sections include Members of Parliament (MP's), medical issues, recycling and polystyrene, and electronics.

April 1994 [Canada] also focuses on bilingualism, South Africa, guns, and corporate watch. Additional sections include accounting and customs.

June 1994 [Canada] delves further into national unity, trade, and medical issues.

June 1994 [Canada] focuses its questions on the environment. There are three subsections on psychographics, general attitudes, and policy.

July 1994 [Canada] also delves further in Canada's economic outlook. There is a lengthy section on lifestyles which includes subsections on vacations, hobbies, exercise, weight, beverages, eating habits, television, reading, kids, and cottages. Additional sections include community newspapers, elder care, banks, lotteries, cars, and financial institutions.

August 1994 [Canada] also delves further into the Corporate Watch and the Child Tax Benefit. Corporate Watch questions investigate who respondents believe are the most successful industrial companies and which companies will have a difficult time. Respondents are also asked whether or not they receive the Child Tax Benefit. Further questions probe about who benefits from the tax and whether respondents understand and verify the calculations of the tax.

September 1994 [Canada] delves further into Quebec unity, the deficit, information technology, gay issues, and gun control. Additional sections include financial planning issues, travel issues, snack foods, and radio.

October 1994 [Canada] delves further into the NHL, school violence, investment, and insecticide.

Fall 1994 [Canada] delves further into social issues, the oath of allegiance, and religion.

November 1994 [Canada] also delves further into Canada's economic outlook. Additional sections include financial issues, travel issues, grocery stores, and banks.

Late November 1994 [Canada also delves further into the issues of Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and nuclear energy.

December 1994 [Canada] delves further into the economic outlook for Canada as well as the Quebec issue. Additional sections include services (utility companies, banks and other financial institutions, retail stores, loyalty), cigarettes, mortgages, taxes, liquor, employment, and family.