National Angus Reid Poll (1995)


National Angus Reid Polls Polls, from 1990-1995, measure the opinions of Canadians on topics such as politics and current events.

Mid January 1995 [Canada] delves further into the economic outlook of Canada, the provinces, and the household. Also, the survey asks respondent's about about their present satisfaction with life and the direction of things in Canada. Further questions investigate sectors and industries that respondents feel should be watched more closely by the government. An additional section asks whether or not the respondent provides care to an elderly relative.

Late January 1995 [Canada] delves further into Quebec referendum, federal deficit, and technology. Regarding the deficit, questions mainly focus on how it can be reduced. Technoloy questions surround convergence and the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (C.R.T.C.). There were 1502 respondents recorded.

February 1995 [Canada] delves further into Quebec issues, corporate watch, parks and historic sites, and moving plans. There are 1501 respondents recorded.

March 1995 [Canada] delves further into social program funding, foreign aid, and business. There are 1503 respondents recorded.

April 1995 [Canada] delves further into cellular phones, technology, accounting, health issues, and roads.

May 1995 [Canada] delves further into the Quebec ballot question, economic outlooks, gay and lesbian adoption issues, gun control, and the NHL. Additional sections include media issues, food safety issues, endangered species, mutual funds, Father's day, and women's health. There were 1500 respondents recorded.

June 1995 [Canada] delves further into capital punishment, the Quebec issue, corporate watch, and the Paul Bernardo criminal trial. Additional sections include retirement expectations, vehicle purchases, and ice cream.

September 1995 [Canada] delves further into Quebec sovereignty and Aboriginal issues. Sections on poverty, telephone calling cards, and credit cards are also included. There are 1503 respondents recorded.

October 1995 [Canada] delves further into opinions on the government's best accomplishments and biggest disappointments. Other sections include questions on education, workplace issues, personal computers, and the positive and negative impacts of technology within different occupations.

November 1995 [Canada] delves further into the economy. Secondary sections include consumer products, the acceptance and awareness of the $2 coin, and Christmas. There were 1506 respondents recorded.