National Angus Reid Polls (1990)


The Ipsos-Reid, National Angus Reid Poll, November 1990 [Canada] asks the public for their opinion on federal and provincial politics. It also asks questions regarding the GST and how the public feel about it. The survey seeks the public's opinion on the GST and how they would like the government to react. Not only is the survey seeking answers about politics it also asks about cleaning products and its relation to the respondent. Questions ask the respondent about the usage of products such as baking soda, washing soda, and their usage of 'green' products.

The National Angus Reid Poll of December 1990 [Canada] asks the opinion of the public regarding issues of federal and political politics. It also asks respondents about things such as foreign policy, foreign countries owning Canadian oil and gas, and the Olympics. Although respondents are asked a number of questions, the polls primary focus is political based.