National Angus Reid Polls (1991)


The Ipsos-Reid, National Angus Reid Poll consists of core questions, but branches out into other issues depending on month and year. Questions consistent to each survey deal with federal and provincial politics.

January 1991 - books, products and services, universities, and GST.

February 1991 - 

March 1991 - economy, employment, the federal budget, Federal Sales Tax (FST), Government Sales Tax (GST), and no-fault insurance.

May 1991 - Canada's international competitiveness, child safety, charities, auto maintenance, vision correction, vitamins and supplements, and the Speech from the Throne.

June 1991 - racism, the environment, recycling, and hunting

October 1991 - Quebec's issue of independence, sexual harassment, university funding and quality, medical devices, and hockey.

November 1991 - Canada's Constitution, citizenship, home ownership, renting, universities, Statistics Canada, the environment, and skin conditions

December 1991 - aerosols, Canadian airlines, charitable assistance, vitamins and supplements, Canada's international competitiveness, the country's unity (i.e. Quebec's possible independence), cigarette taxes, the economy, the lottery, and railway crossings (Operation Lifesaver).