IPSOS Public Affairs Datasets

The Ipsos Canadian Public Affairs Dataverse is a repository of over 60 Ipsos Canada surveys that shed light on Canadian culture, politics, and society. All data is open access. This resource has been graciously donated to LISPOP and Wilfrid Laurier University by Ipsos Canada.

  • National Angus Reid Poll (1994)

    National Angus Reid Polls Polls, from 1990-1995, measure the opinions of Canadians on topics such as politics and current events. 

    March 1994 [Canada] delves further into Quebec, job anxiety, and Canada's economic outlook. Additional sections include Members of Parliament (MP's), medical issues, recycling and polystyrene, and electronics.

    April 1994 [Canada] also focuses on bilingualism, South Africa, guns, and corporate watch. Additional sections include accounting and customs.

    June 1994 [Canada] delves further into national unity, trade, and medical issues.

  • National Angus Reid Poll (1995)

    National Angus Reid Polls Polls, from 1990-1995, measure the opinions of Canadians on topics such as politics and current events.

    Mid January 1995 [Canada] delves further into the economic outlook of Canada, the provinces, and the household. Also, the survey asks respondent's about about their present satisfaction with life and the direction of things in Canada. Further questions investigate sectors and industries that respondents feel should be watched more closely by the government. An additional section asks whether or not the respondent provides care to an elderly relative.

  • Ipsos Canada Toronto Port Authority Annual Public Opinion Survey

    The Toronto Port Authority Annual Public Opinion Survey assesses various views on the Port Authority's operations, activities and proposed undertakings. It focuses on Torontonians' attitudes toward the Port Authority and its airport, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Broad themes include island and airport development options, airport use, and concerns. Respondents are drawn from the immediate vicinity of the Airport as well as greater Toronto

  • Ipsos Canada Ontario Homeownership Index

    The Ontario Homeownership Index reveals Ontarians' perceptions of home ownership and real estate markets at the neighbourhood, city, and provincial level. Developed in partnership with the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), the Index gathers Ontarians' perceptions on the state of the economy, as well as their current housing situation and readiness to buy, sell, or rent. Respondents are queried on related topics such as their preferred type of home to purchase, perceptions on ownership, and opinions on realtors and the real estate profession.

  • Ipsos Canada End of Year Polls

    The Ipsos End of Year Poll is an annual survey that reveals Canadians attitudes about the year that has passed as well as their feelings on the future. The poll reveals Canadians' opinions on national and international politics, current events, attitudes toward Christmas, and feelings on newsmakers and news stories.

  • Ipsos Canada's Pulse

    The Ipsos Canada’s Pulse series gathers public opinion data from Canada’s largest cities on behalf of Global Television. These surveys query respondents’ opinions on issues such as crime, transit, municipal politics, and the economy. Datasets include a wealth of accompanying statistical tables and reports generated for Global.

  • Ipsos Canada Youth Studies Dataverse

    The Ipsos Reconnect Government With Youth series examines the connection between young people in Canada and the federal government. It examines the expectations that Canadian youth have of their government, and what roles it should play in society. This series is one of only a few direct surveys of Canadian youth in its time period and is a valuable resource for researchers and policy-makers.