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Stop the election! Take care of business!

Is it too late to pull the country back from the brink of a late summer or early fall federal election?

Yes, I know the polls have spoken. They have told the prime minister that a majority Liberal government is within his reach now, but that the window of opportunity may not be open for long. If he waits, then falls short of a majority – or worse – his delay will go down as one of the great gaffes of contemporary Canadian elections.

Political opportunism says damn the torpedoes! Go now, go hard, go fast!

If there is to be a summer election, no one has told the prime minister

Election? What election? If there were an election, you would think the prime minister would know.

But no.

“In an election campaign, you make promises about what you might do once you’re elected. Right now, we’re continuing the work that we got elected for in 2015 and in 2019,” Justin Trudeau assured reporters in Montreal on Thursday. The Liberal government, he explained, is simply doing this summer what is has been doing since it was elected six years ago – growing the economy, creating good jobs, and protecting the environment.

Catherine McKenna’s Ottawa Centre is Mark Carney’s brass ring

Catherine McKenna, the infrastructure minister in the Liberal cabinet and champion of the party’s green wing, offered her friend Mark Carney, the former central banker – governor of both the Bank of Canada and Bank of England – the brass ring when she announced she will not be seeking re-election.

If he grabs it, Carney will be virtually assured of a place at or near the head of the queue of candidates for the Liberal leadership, post Justin Trudeau.

The brass ring is McKenna’s riding of Ottawa Centre.

Getting it right: Choosing Supreme Court judges in Canada

There have not been very many feel-good moments in Ottawa of late. There was one last week, although it was thoroughly overshadowed by the horror that gripped the capital, like the rest of the country, at the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at former residential schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and by the stampede to close Parliament for the summer – a summer most MPs expect will end in a fall election.